Company profile - MDP Precision Machining

New brand, company profile and new website. Creating value by renewing our image and our communication

We welcomed 2018 by updating the way we present ourselves to our current and potential partners. We have renewed our image to make it more consistent with the type of organised and well-developed company we have become today, while also setting out on a new communication path to offer information and content that lives up to the reputation we have earned ourselves in over twenty years of business working for major companies.

We began by working on a new visual identity which we reinterpreted starting from its distinctive mark, our brand, that now consists in an elegantly minimalist logogram preceded by a stylised, circular, mechanical element. Our payoff – precision machining – in English to highlight the international scope our supplies, focuses on the processes at the basis of our excellent results and enhances the brand.

We have also drawn up our company profile which highlights our strengths, describes our approach and announces the cornerstones of our mission while specifying the industries we produce for. All this while emphasising our commitment to quality and the efforts we invest in continuously redefining the limits of perfection.

Lastly, we have launched our new website that is distinguished by an airy, minimalist graphic style and a responsive web design approach that adapts it to smartphones and tablets. It is also designed in compliance with SEO criteria, developing contents so that they are more relevant for search motors, producing more visible results linked to relevant keywords.